7th Annual Wheeler’s Point Ice Derby

Wheeler's Point ice fishing derby 2020The 7th Annual Ice Derby is set for Thursday, February 6th out of Wheeler’s Point Resort.  There are some fun changes this year with the inclusion of a catch, photograph, release format.  On Lake of the Woods, there is a slot limit.  Any walleye caught between 19.5 inches and 28 inches has to be released immediately with anglers being able to keep one fish per day over 28 inches.  With a normal “keep” ice derby in which fish are brought to weigh in, there could be a number of big walleyes caught over 28 inches and brought back for weigh in.  That means that fish will never swim again.

With this year’s catch, photo, release format, anglers are allowed to photograph the walleye on of of Wheeler’s Point Resort’s official rulers and the image shared with the resort judges vs the actual fish.  This will allow participants the chance to photograph and release trophy walleyes if they so choose to.

In addition, catch, photo, release allows walleyes that are in the protected slot to be photographed and counted for the contest.  In a traditional “keep” tournament, anglers would be looking to catch walleyes up to 19.5 inches and hoping to get a trophy over 28 inches.

Anglers must be fishing Lake of the Woods, but the Rainy River and Four Mile Bay are off limits.  Check out the rules sheet here for official rules of the derby.

Ice fishing is fun all by itself, let alone adding the excitement of an ice fishing tournament or “ice derby” to the mix.  Everyone is welcome regardless of where you are staying.  If you would like to find out more or register for this derby, contact Wheeler’s Point Resort at 218-634-2629,  wheelers point big walleye 012520


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