A Lake of the Woods Shore Lunch

The Walleye Capital of the World is blessed with literally millions of walleyes and other great species of fish.  This incredible natural resource with it’s fish, wildlife and sheer beauty set up for a great outdoor destination.  As much as anglers of all abilities enjoy catching the cold water fish, there are many who appreciate the traditions that go around fishing.


One of those traditions is a shore lunch.  Whether you are fishing from a resort on the south end of the lake or staying amongst the islands of the NW Angle, resorts and their guides take pride in preparing a shore lunch with secret batter, specially prepared fried potatoes and beans, that quite frankly, can diminish the enjoyment of any fish fry you have at home ever again!


There are many tricks to the trade of Lake of the Woods guides for an epic fish fry, but here are just a few…

-Make sure the grease is hot enough to make water bounce or to pop a popcorn kernel

-Have a breading that has been perfected with the right touch over many years

-After applying breading to the fish, place the filet into the hot grease.

-Some guides fry bacon in the grease to add flavor to it before frying the fish

-Add fresh onion to the fried potatoes

There are so many more nuances, but when this well thought out meal of fresh LOW walleyes, saugers, perch, crappies and sometimes even deboned pike are prepared in this manner, it creates an experience for your pallet not to forget.

When you book a guide trip or charter trip, make sure you know what the lunch plans are as some trips offer shore lunch and others bring lunches along to maximize fishing time.

When the goal of a fishing trip is memories, relaxation and delicious food, think about a traditional Lake of the Woods shore lunch.


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