Amazing Walleyes as Deer Hunting Approaches

Lake of the Woods is Amazing! The waters, the forests and the overall beauty attract hundreds of people for various reasons. The first and foremost reason is the amazing walleye run that happens in October on the Rainy River. Emerald Shiners “run” up the river to spawn and the walleyes “run” after them. Anglers come from all over to find that trophy fish.shiners

Something else that is “running” right now… is the deer population. Lake of the Woods has an amazing hunting season that is fast approaching!!! The beautiful Whitetail Deer is abundant in this area and we are already seeing people wearing orange hoodies and jackets around as if they are announcing this amazing season.

amazingIt happens every year.  It invokes a confusion for an outdoors person that isn’t easy to deal with.  On one hand, the deer hunting season is very short.  For many, it is also a tradition that goes back generations.  These are important and not to be missed.  However, it happens nearly every year.  The anglers who either don’t deer hunt or get their deer right away and resort to fishing either the Rainy River or Lake of the Woods while others are in the woods are rewarded with walleye treasures.  It is no secret in these parts, the walleyes of deer hunting week offer some of the best walleye fishing of the year.

It is shaping up for another great walleye bite during the MN deer hunting gun opener which is Saturday, November 4th this year.  The walleye bite this past week has been strong.  There are walleyes staged out in front of Pine Island in about 20 feet of water, give or take each day.  This is a big school feeding on shiners and anglers who are fishing the lake are reporting great activity.

Anglers targeting these fish in the lake are primarily jigging.  Some anglers who prefer to cover water pulling crankbaits are catching fish as well.

Anglers are mainly jig fishing with a few trolling crankbaits.  Anglers are catching fish on the river everywhere from 4 Mile Bay which is at the mouth of the river all they way upstream to Birchdale which is a 42 mile stretch.  amazing

Up at the NW Angle, fishing continues to be .  Many amazing target muskies and crappies during the fall.  Walleyes are always available and everyone knows if they want to go and grab a few for a fish fry, they are there.  Muskie anglers have been both casting and trolling with good success.  Big fish over 50″ have been caught and released.  When I say big, I mean length plus girth, the fish that keep muskie nuts up at night.

Amazing crappies tend to school up and put the feed bag on during the fall.  This year is no different.  What is different for anglers fishing crappies amongst the island areas of Lake of the Woods is that they are typically slabs, meaning the majority between 11-15″, with most being around that 12′ variety.  That is a nice crappie.  Now through a 14 in the mix and you are talking about something special.


This Whitetail Buck was searching for doe along this very colorful tree line at sunrise on this late Autumn morning.

We wish all deer hunters a safe hunt.  Take those extra precautions to ensure a safe hunt.  We wish all of those lucky folks who will be hitting Lake of the Woods or the Rainy River during deer hunting the best of luck. Be sure to check with the MN DNR for updates regarding the hunting season and safety.


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