Beautiful Snow for Snowmobiling Lake of the Woods

Good News! We have snow at Lake of the Woods!! The winter season has finally snowmobiling funcome in in full force and with it has come a very important element. Ice is of utmost importance for anglers of all ages that come to Lake of the Woods, to the Walleye Capital of the World, however, the next most important element here is snow!

At this writing there are about 8 inches of snow on the ground. It’s very interesting as the seasons change to watch the traffic through this area. We go from vehicles pulling boats for their open water experience to vehicles with trailers hauling sometimes multiple snow machines.

This area is very fortunate to have two dealers offering two very famous brands of snow machines. These machines are not only durable but are set up with some of the most impressive features for pleasurable riding. Polaris Industries is located in Roseau, a neighboring community, where snowmobiles are produced and shipped all over the country. Artic Cat is also produced and distributed in a nearby town and dealerships are available in Baudette.

We are also fortunate to have two great snowmobile clubs who not only ride for fun, but work very hard at maintaining trails and bridges before the season starts and grooming many many miles of trails throughout the season.drifters logo

Lake of the Woods Drifters Snowmobile Club is located in Lake of the Woods County. They are a very active club and have their own website at and FaceBook page at You can also contact them atlow drifters Each of those sites will provide you with great current information about the trails and great photos that the club has taken. The Northern Connection Trail is very famous as it was carved out of the forest area going east and south of Baudette.

Lake of the Woods Drifters is a non profit community organization that welcomes members at any time. They also own and maintain shelters throughout the trails to warm up or stop to have lunch and fellowship on the ride. The Club produces a great snow map which is available through the club or through requesting one from Lake of the Woods Tourism. There are over 273 miles of groomed trails to offer adventure through this winter wonderland.

NW Angle snow trail groomerEdge Riders Snow Trail Groomer

Further north in Lake of the Woods County at the northernmost part of the United States you will find the home of the Northwest Angle Edge Rider Snowmobile Club. Their website is: There you will find information about the club, about snow conditions, trail conditions, club events, and even places to stay at Angle Inlet. Their FaceBook page isedgeriders logo

This snow club proudly proclaims they groom over 172 miles of trail during the season. As of this writing,  they state that they are “chomping at the bit” to get out onto the frozen waters of Lake of the Woods and travel many many miles over the frozen waters. This Snow Club stakes trails and produces a great snow map of trails throughout the lake, up to Oak and Flag Island and even into the Canadian part of the lake. The map even features depths of the lake which even open water anglers find very helpful. You may contact them for a free map or also contact Lake of the Woods Tourism for one.

This club also hosts a great event during the winter season. Every year they host an Annual Northwest Angle Edge Riders Snowmobile Rally from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Flag Island. Food, fun, and door prizes will be available.

Now you ask, have the snow trails been groomed yet? Sorry, the answer to this date is no, but it is coming very very soon. Winter took awhile coming but it is most assuredly here!!! So….let is snow, let it snow, let it snow. Feel free to check each club’s website or call Lake of the Woods Tourism for more information.

For more information see our website at:

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You can also download the official Snowmobile Regulations at the MN DNR Website.

Click Here for an interactive snowmobile map from the MN DNR

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