Big Fall Walleye on Video

Midwestern anglers know fall is the time big fish put on the feed bag in preparation for winter.  That fact came true last week for Greg Jones of Midwest Outdoors.

We were working together on the north side of the lake near Garden Island.  We already had really hammered the walleyes and saugers.  The show was a good one and we had shifted spots hoping for a big fish to close the show out on.  We did manage about a 24 inch walleye which for most lakes is a big fish.  For LOW, it’s OK.

The old saying is, “You never know what you are going to catch on Lake of the Woods” came to life.  At about 3pm, Jones set the hook on a good fish and he knew it immediately.  After a number of strong runs and some nerve wracking head shakes, the big walleye was scooped in the net.  30.25 inches and a fat fish.  This was truly a fish of a lifetime.  Check it out!


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