Big Walleye Ice Fishing Video from Jan., 2015! (For those who are getting excited for ice)

This video was shot on Lake of the Woods last January.  For some of you who look forward to the hard water, thought it would be fun to throw an ice fishing video out there to wet the pallet.

The day started out with a nice breakfast in our cabin, some hot coffee with caramel macchiato creamer, scrambled eggs with veggies and sausages, all courtesy of my sister Patty.  When Patty is around, we eat good!

The goal for me was to make a video to show how the fishing was up at the NW Angle.  Every once in a while, things work out, like they did this day.  Not only did we catch good numbers of fish, we nailed two big fish, one just over 25 inches and the other just over 28 inches.  What a day!

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