Black Bears of Lake of the Woods

Wildlife is abundant in Lake of the Woods, well part of our title is woods after-all. Black Beat are one of the many majestic creatures to be roaming our lands. An estimated 20,000 reside in Minnesota. Acres and acres of forested land from the South Shore to the NW Angle allow for bears to call home. Hopefully on your next trip you will catch a glimpse of one!

Black bears are omnivorous meaning they eats both plants and meats. This ranges from fruits, nuts, and honey to fish, ants, and sometimes even your garbage. They are extremely adaptable though they primarily will reside in high forested areas with ground vegetation. You may see them scrounging in an open field occasionally. They will travel 15-80 miles, usually returning to their summer home each year. They are typically solitary animals unless you catch a mama with her cubs.

Females give birth to up to 6 (most commonly 2-3) cubs. They will hibernate for up to 6 or 7 months in the winter and give birth during this time. Newborn cubs will not hibernate but will stay with mom until venturing out usually early April depending on weather. Dens can consist of anything from a hole in a tree trunk, to a cave, or a brush pile. Cubs will stay with their mom for a year and a half and hibernate that year with their mom, though they are weaned after 7-8 months.

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