Buddies from Iowa Share Lake of the Woods Tradition… Five Card Walleye

You might remember this from a past winter.  Lake of the Woods is a gathering spot for friends, families, college buddies, company incentive trips, etc.  One one ice fishing trip this past winter, I had the chance to meet some good guys from Iowa who have a fun tradition.

Four good buddies who make at least one annual trek to Lake of the Woods for an ice fishing trip is quite a tradition all by itself.  When you combine it with the traditional walleye poker game that takes place in the fish house by catching a fish, well, this is where things get interesting.

In addition to the normal 5 gallon pails of ice fishing gear, food and maybe a few beverages thrown in for good measure, these guys bring out a nicely designed 5 card poker card holder customized with each of their names and clothes pins to hold the cards.  The way it works is when someone catches a walleye, they get to draw a card and place it in the clothes pin on their board.  When the first board has 5 cards, the different hands are put against each other and there is a winner.

One of the great things about the festivity of ice fishing this time of year are the great people you meet along the way.  Guys, it was a pleasure to spend time with you.  What fun memories.  See you on the ice!

Come up and create some traditions of your own!

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