Driving to the NW Angle? Canada to Lift Vaccination Requirement

NWA Lake of the Woods, MNDriving to Minnesota’s NW Angle appears to be getting easier come October.  The Associated Press reports Canada will be lifting the vaccination requirement upon the signature of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which is expected.  In addition, the ArriveCan app currently required for travel into Canada is expected to be optional, which for some who are not so great with technology, is a welcome move.

Canada, like the United States, requires foreign nationals to be vaccinated when entering the country. It is not immediately known whether the U.S. will make a similar move by Sept. 30.

This move is coming just in time for not only the month of October, which sees excellent fall fishing up at the Angle, but also some wonderful duck hunting opportunities in the area.

The news is also is very welcomed by those who enjoy ice fishing up at the NW Angle with the various resorts located both in Angle Inlet, MN (the mainland area) and resorts located amongst the islands in this part of Minnesota.

low map three areasThe NW Angle is one of four exclaves across the U.S. / Canada border.  An exclave is described as a portion of territory of one state completely surrounded by territory of another or others, as viewed by the home territory.  What this means is if you plan on driving up the the Angle, one must drive about 40 miles through Manitoba before entering back into Minnesota up at the Angle.

With approximately 67.5% of Minnesotans, for example, completing the complete vaccination series for COVID, there is for all practical purposes, 30% not vaccinated.  If one person who is not vaccinated is part of a group wanting to travel to the Angle, there exists a problem.

In some cases, the person or people who were not vaccinated would take the Lake of the Woods Passenger Service (charter boat or bombardier service) or Lake Country Air across the lake, staying in Minnesota and hooking up with their group at the Angle.  In some cases, the group would decide to go elsewhere for their vacation.  Lifting the vaccination requirement will alleviate some of these travel issues.

Sunset lodge fish house, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsFishing up at the NW Angle has been on fire all year.  Many are anxiously awaiting the ice fishing season, hunkering down in a nicely heated fish house with friends and family, waiting for a school of walleyes to come through.  It appears for many, the therapeutic vision of that environment just became a lot more real thanks to this welcome news.


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