Come Snowmobile Lake of the Woods

Snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter activities in the world, giving outdoor enthusiasts a good excuse to head out into the cold conditions to have some fun on the trail. But not all winter destinations are created equal in terms of offering excellent opportunities to experience the sport in all of its glory.

Lake of the Woods Snowmobiling

Lake of the Woods has consistent snow, cold weather holding snow longer, beautiful scenery, strong snowmobile clubs that maintain great trails, the diversity of the vast woods, the lake, Igloo Bar, nice variety of resorts, NW Angle, breathtaking scenery and other great attractions in the area, perhaps it should be.

In addition, Lake of the Woods offers trails that are continuously groomed by experienced groomers across the land and through forests and even across the big expanse of the water of Lake of the Woods.

A great way to plan your snowmobiling trip is to start on the south shore of the lake and sled your way to Oak or Flag Islands and have a great day of food and fun and fish and then head back across the lake to enjoy a great evening at your favorite resort.

Lake of the Woods Snowmobiling


There are two snowmobile clubs who take care of the grooming responsibilities. The Lake of the Woods Drifters proudly supports the maintenance and grooming of over 400 miles of land and lake trails in LOW and Koochiching counties along with the 90 the John Beckel Northern Connection Trail to Big Falls; the longest uninterrupted wilderness trail in Minnesota. They are a non-profit organization which provides and maintains seven fully equipped trail shelters with light, heat, maps and first aid kits. Along with the shelters the Drifters collaborate with both Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders, promote safe riding campaigns and have a DNR certified Drifter member provide the 12 hours DNR Safety Certificate training annually to more than 35 area youth rider.

Snowmobiling Lake of the Woods



The Edge Riders Snowmobile Club of the Northwest Angle area are responsible for snowmobile trails in the Northwest Angle area. From a grooming aspect, for being well marked as well as marked early in the season and for connecting to trails that take you anywhere you want to go Sno-Drifters’ trails and the Roseau Trailblazers’ trails as well as north to the Ontario and Manitoba trails work together to make this possible.


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