Dining out at Lake of the Woods

It’s always a treat to be home for the holidays and have Mom’s or Grandma’s home cooking. However, after the holidays, it would be a special treat to take those special ladies out for a meal. Those places to eat out are in abundance in the Lake of the Woods area. As a matter of fact, we can claim that you could go out each night of the month and visit a different restaurant each time. How can that be in a small area? This is the answer. Lake of the Woods is the home of 50+ resorts and facilities and many have great menus to offer. The facilities vary from bar/lounge/restaurants and fine dining to a quick pick-up at McDonald’s. Many resorts offer weekly specials such as “all you can eat Spaghetti” on Monday nights, “all you can eat Tacos” on Tuesdays and Fridays, or popular “all you can eat Walleye” on Saturday nights cooked outside over open flames. During the ice season, you might even want to dine on the lake in the ever popular “igloo” ice house. Eat your meal, fold the tables down and put your line into a hole to catch walleyes and saugers in comfort. Quite a few resorts will also take your catch of the day, cook them up in their expertise and add to the meal making it all a grand experience. One resort has a reputation for cooking up the best walleye cheeks that you have ever tasted.

Now we must also mention the wonderful views one experiences at the dining facilities. Many restaurants are located along the Rainy River with huge windows open to the beautiful waters. Other dining experiences are on the south shore of the “big lake” where you can enjoy the brightness of the day or see the most beautiful sunsets in the world over the pristine waters. Let’s not rule out the winter wonderland that can be seen as these waters freeze over. The snow shimmers like diamonds as the wind creates varieties of blue over the drifts. Sit and watch the bombers in the winter or the launches in the summer come flying in off the lake. It’s all about the good food, the good fellowship and the beauty to behold as you experience Lake of the Woods.


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