Do you Understand the Importance of Boating Safety?

Boating Safety is drilled into marketing every year….. yet many of us forget the simplest of tasks involving it that lead to many accidents every year. Safety is first on the water or on the ice.

Here are the MN DNR’s steps to staying safe when boating:

1. Wear your life jacket – And make sure your children wear theirs.

2. Stay sober – Booze and boating don’t mix. Alcohol is the #1 factor in boating fatalities.

3. Tell a friend – Tell someone where you’re going and when you will be back. If you’re not back, they should call 911. Bring a phone or VHF radio.

4. Be weather aware – Don’t let a storm sneak up on you – delay your trip or head to shore. Go slow in rough water to avoid capsizing.

5. Get a clue – Understand your boat; keep your eyes peeled for danger; stay seated and low in the boat so you don’t fall overboard; take a boating safety course.

Click HERE to find the MN DNR Boating Safety Guide.

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