Dry Rub Fish


  • 8-10 fillets or more if desired
  • Your favorite fish batter
  • Your favorite steak dry rub
  • Fryer


  1. For every 1 1/4 cup of fish batter add 1/4 cup of dry rub.
  2. Put batter mix into a plastic bag or into your favorite shaker bin. Shake until fully coated.(Drying fillets with paper towel prior to this step helps batter stick.)
  3. Place coated fillets into hot oil and cook until flaky.
  4. Garnish with your favorite topping.

This way of cooking fish will give the fish more spice and grill flavor. Fillets will come out of oil darker than regular fish batter. More or less dry rub is dependent on the cook. Cook times may be slightly less than with regular batter. Finer batters are preferred compared to flour textured batters.

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