Facebook Page Hits 100,000 Likes… Thank You!

As we surpasses the 100k mark for our Facebook page, a huge “Thank You” to many of you who choose to follow the Lake of the Woods Tourism Facebook page.  As a popular destination, there are lots of great events, outdoor experiences, adventures, fish, game, outdoor beauty, resorts, fish houses and interesting people to keep people informed on.  In addition, much of what we highlight on our Facebook page is meant to not only appeal to our audience, but be at times educational, entertaining or simply informational.

Facebook is also a great way to communicate with Lake of the Woods Tourism.  We often receive questions on different areas, resorts, ice conditions, activities, fish limits, etc, etc.


Facebook is a great way to share your experiences with us and others.  From great fish pics to a cool sunrise to family memories in a fish house or at a resort, others like to see what is happening on the lake and the sharing of experiences certainly is welcomed by our Facebook community.

We certainly could not have done it without you and are committed to keep this page active, interesting and will be responsive on questions or requests.  If you don’t already follow us, give us a Like.  Others have enjoyed this page, perhaps you will too!

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