The Fall Bite is On!

The fall bite is on!  This past week, anEmerald shiners, Rainy River, Lake of the Woodsglers are showing great fishing success around the lake.  Traditionally in the fall, many anglers think of the annual shiner and walleye run on the Rainy River.  There are definitely good numbers of both in the river and Four Mile Bay.  Many anglers from Wheeler’s Point (the mouth of the river) all the way upstream to Birchdale reporting excellent walleye angling.

Shiners traditionally run up the river in the fall and good numbers of walleyes in the lake are in hot pursuit.  This year is no different.  Typically armed with a jig and a minnow, much of the time an emerald shiner, anglers are working edges, holes and current breaks.  Some anglers are anchored up in key spots.  Others are slowly moving around with more of a horizontal jigging approach.  Both methods have been effective.

The fall bite hot colors this week have been pink, pink and white and pink, white and gold.  It is usually a good idea toJigs, Lake of the Woods mix the colors amongst anglers in your boat.  Typically, you will learn in short order what color is preferred a given day or even hour.

Some anglers have been using a stinger hook to increase hooking percentages when walleyes are short biting.  Basically, the stinger is attached to the jig with a 2″ mono or fluorocarbon leader and a very small treble hook.  The treble hook in inserted just in front of the tail of the shiner, hence, increasing hook sets.

Anglers looking for sturgeon this time of year, the bite this week has been excellent.  Good numbers of sturgeon of all sizes being caught and released.  The sturgeon catch and release season is on from October 1st all the way through April 23rd, 2018.  April 24th starts the keep season.  Jody Anderson, sturgeon, Lake of the Woods

Anglers fishing the lake have also have had excellent success.  Good numbers of walleyes reported both in front of the gap as well as the shoreline in front of Morris Point, Zippel Bay, Long Point and the Rocky Point area.  Most anglers are anchored up and jigging.

The Northwest Angle fishing is also strong right now.  Some anglers fishing MN waters around Oak Island reporting big numbers of walleyes.  Again, this time of year as the water cools, jigging is the ticket.

Anglers who have been fishing out of the Angle into Ontario waters are finding good numbers of black crappies in addition to walleyes.  The lake has held good numbers of big crappies the past few years.  Often targeted by ice anglers, fall is known as a time when crappies are schooled up in key locations and are putting on the feed bag.

Bernie Barringer, Flag Island Resort, Lake of the WoodsMuskie anglers are starting to troll in addition to cast.  Trolling for muskies is most effective in the fall as fish are utilizing points, neck down areas with current and shoreline structure.

It is a wonderful time to be fishing Lake of the Woods and experience the fall bite.  The fishing only gets better as we roll through October.  Whether you call a resort and use a charter or guide and get right on the fish or bring your own boat, October into early November is an excellent time to catch not only good numbers of fish but have a chance at a trophy!

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