Fall Muskies on Lake of the Woods

If you target muskies, you know the world class reputation of Lake of the Woods.  If you don’t target muskies, maybe you should consider getting one of our muskie guides to show you why anglers who get bit by the muskie bug can get obsessive and can’t get enough of these exciting fish.

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Imagine day dreaming on the beautiful water while you watch your lure come towards the boat when out of nowhere, a 50″ muskie comes flying up behind the lure.  Muskies are notorious for follows.  Many fish are hooked at the boat by anglers sticking their rod in the water when they get a follow and doing a “figure eight” with the lure which often provokes a violent strike.

Fall is a great time to fish muskies.  The water is cooling, the 14,552 islands are painted with a variety of colors and the muskies are active.  Anglers will hunt these fish targeting areas such as rocky points, red cabbage weed beds, bays, neck down areas with current and saddles connecting islands and big rocks.

Casting big lures is the typical method for hunting these aggressive fish.  In the fall, trolling can also be effective and is a great way to cover water and place your lure in front of a big muskie.

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Anglers will present a number of lures to these big predators.  Using heavy duty rods and reels with line up to 100 lb test, topwater baits, spinnerbaits, inline spinners, huge plastics and big crankbaits are all possibilities.

If you have targeted muskies before, come up and experience thousands of spots with the many islands.  Many anglers will stay at a NW Angle resort and fish the Ontario part of the lake.  The NW Angle resorts are literally look at Ontario out their front windows and offer easy access, nice amenities and close proximity to some of the best muskie water on the lake.

If you are a novice muskie angler, consider getting a guide.  This is a great way to learn about muskie fishing with a pro.  The guide offers the proper equipment, knows the lake, the best fish holding spots, current muskie patterns and a world of knowledge to make your experience a great one.

To check out a list of NW Angle resorts who can connect you with some of the best muskie guides on the planet, go to www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

Fall is a wonderful time of the year.  The beauty of Lake of the Woods is breathtaking.  The migration is taking place right in front of your eyes.  Oh yeah, and the big muskies are putting on the feed bag!

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