Fargo Sportsmen’s Show this Weekend!

Red River Valley Sportsman's ShowIt’s sportshow season and this time of the year, anglers are excited to talk Lake of the Woods fishing.  Perfect timing to be talking Lake of the Woods at this weekend’s Red River Valley Sportsmen’s show that starts Thursday and runs through Sunday at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.

Joe Henry, Tommy Skarlis, Red River Valley Sportsman's Show 2019Walleye Seminars!  In addition to the Lake of the Woods Tourism booth, Director of Tourism, guide and tournament angler Joe Henry will be giving seminars on Thursday through Sunday at the show.  These seminars will enable you to catch more walleyes and put more walleye tools into your tool belt on any body of water.  The seminars are titled, “Crawler Harnesses A-Z” and “Top Strategies for Walleye Success”.

Joe has mastered fishing with crawler harnesses and will tailor the seminar to many aspects of success using crawler harnesses with an emphasis of course on Lake of the Woods.  “Way back when I was fishing as an amateur on the Professional Walleye Trail, I noticed regardless of what body of water we were fishing, how many anglers were pulling crawler harnesses for success.  I started utilizing this technique into my arsenal and now pulling crawler harnesses is one of my most effective ways to consistently catch walleyes.  I plan to share everything I can to help anglers put more walleyes into the boat.”

As far as the basics of fishing walleyes go, there are so many ways to catch walleyes these days, sometimes the most effective ways are getting back to the basics.  There are some subtle but important nuances to the basics that can make all the difference in the world in talking putting more walleyes in the boat.Lake of the Woods Tourism visitor guide

Tournament pro Tommy Skarlis will also be presenting on Awesome Walleye Strategies and Awesome Crappie Tactics.  Skarlis has had incredible success in both walleye and crappie tournaments and is a wonderful fishing educator.

Visitor Guides.  While at the show, stop by and pick up our new Lake of the Woods Tourism visitor guide.   Enter to win a 3 night / 2 day fishing trip courtesy of Bugsy’s on Bostic.  This is a great time to learn more about the lake, resorts, activities, etc taking place this year around Lake of the Woods.

2016-04-27_Jace Luoma_Pike in Zippel Bay

There is a lot to talk about in the upcoming months at Lake of the Woods.

Current Ice Fishing report around the Lake.  What are current ice conditions?  What is the current ice fishing report?  How long does ice fishing last?  What are they biting on? where to catch monster March pike, how is the crappie bite out of the NW Angle

Upcoming Rainy River Walleye Fishing.  Is there open water on the river now?  Where should we fish?  What should we use?  How long does walleye season last?  What accesses are on the Rainy River?

Sturgeon Fishing.  How long does the season last?   What kind of setup should I use?  What is a sturgeon rig?  What part of the river do sturgeon live?  What is slot during keep season?

Resorts, Hotels, Outfitters and Guides.   Where should I stay based on our group and what we want to do?  Where can I find a list of resorts with amenity chart?  Are there deals?  What resorts offer full service guides?  What kind of boats are used on different parts of the lake?

The Lake of the Woods Tourism booth will be on the Fargodome main arena floor at booth number 166.

If you are in the Fargo area this weekend, stop by and say hello!


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