Freedom… It Certainly Isn’t Free

Americans are so fortunate to have a day to celebrate the USA and our freedoms.  This holiday is filled with family, summer traditions, fishing, connecting with loved ones, enjoying our short summer season, etc.  These traditions and celebrations are good for the soul.  The 4th of July helps us to remember to celebrate these freedoms.  This time of year, it is good to remember, our freedoms certainly are not free.  They have come at a cost. Fireworks, Baudette, MN

Let me ask you a question.  Do you think about the cost of our freedom?

Up at Lake of the Woods, we welcomed veterans this week as part of the 6th Annual Pay It Forward Veteran’s event.  This event with so many veterans along with being our 4th of July week is a appropriate time to talk about celebrating our nation’s freedom.  As Americans, we take much for granted.  Many people across the world would love the freedoms we have come to expect in the United States.  Our freedoms are an absolute gift and we are so fortunate to live in a place where we can live our lives without governmental control.  Freedom comes at a price, however, and this week is a great week to reflect on how fortunate we are and the prices paid for our lifestyle.

Many people have fallen or lost their lives defending our country.  The loss of life for our freedom is the ultimate sacrifice.  These losses affect family members and friends for the rest of their lives.

Other veterans have experienced hardships, physical and psychological trauma while service to our country.  In some cases, just because someone made it home, doesn’t mean everything is alright.  Some are still fighting the battle while back on American soil.  Issues that affect veterans causes challenges to say the least, for families, jobs, and many other facets of life.  This is a sacrifice for our freedom.

The Pay It Forward program is designed to honor, recognize and celebrate all veterans for the service to our country as well as the sacrifices given up for our freedoms. This year more than 50 veterans attended this 3 night, 2 day fishing event.  There were men and women of different ages, from different branches of the military from across the Midwest.  As many differences as there were, the one thing all had in common is America.

One of the symbols at our event was Old Glory or the American Flag.  The stars and stripes symbolizes so much more than just our nation’s flag.  It represents everything that goes into the U.S. throughout history, including the sacrifices to defend her.  When you see the many American Flags this week as part of the 4th of July, take an extra second to just think about what the flag really represents and the many who have, and are continuing to sacrifice, for our country to remain free.  Pay It Forward veterans 2019

The 4th of July up at Lake of the Woods is a time when various groups of friends and family are out enjoying fishing, looking at the wildflowers and of course all the young of the year wildlife that is experiencing life for the first time.  It’s a time when families reunite around the Baudette area for the famous fireworks display, parade and street dance.  It’s also a time to take a moment, smell the fresh air, and appreciate the many freedoms we experience as Americans that so many take for granted.  Freedom certainly is not free.


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