Good Success for Deer Hunters

The Lake of the Woods area is mainly known for its great fishery but there is also another notable wildlife attraction, the whitetail deer. If you were to take a drive down any road it is very common to see dozens of deer in ditches and fields. Often over looked in our area is the whitetail population and the amount of trophy bucks around.

With tons of State and Public land deer hunters can find large areas to hunt where there is virtually no pressure while having the opportunity to harvest a large buck or any deer of your choosing.

 Not sure where to hunt?

If you’re looking for public hunting land, Lake of the Woods offers literally thousands of acres of state land, nearly all of which is open and available for hunting.  Some popular areas to begin are Beltrami Island State Forest, Red Lake Wildlife Management Area, Pine Island State Forest and Lake of the Woods State Forest are just a few places to begin. Some hunters prefer to stay at NW Angle Resorts and hunt the many islands.

Check out the webpage for the Beltrami State Island Forest

Here are some photos of recent success’s at LOW.

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