Grouse Hunting Receives National Recognition in Shooting Sportsman Magazine

It doesn’t always receive the exposure it deserves, but this time, some well traveled hunters had the chance to experience a cast and blast trip on and around Lake of the Woods and were so impressed called it a “bucket list” trip.   The group of hunters coming from Missouri and Iowa were on a mission for grouse mixed in with some walleyes.  The allure of ideal habitat, thousands of acres of public hunting land and three species of grouse, all just off the shores of The Walleye Capital of the World is what brought these hunters to the area.


Lake of the Woods traditionally receives exposure for walleyes, but grouse hunting, as good as it is, is off the radar screen just a bit.  With that being said, areas such as Beltrami Island State Forest, Pine Island State Forest and Lake of the Woods Forest all offer excellent habitat, trails and birds.

In addition to grouse, there are walleyes.  And with colder water and winter approaching, the walleyes really put on the feed bag.  September and October are excellent months to catch walleyes whether it is on your own boat or jumping in with a guide.

Fall is a excellent time to enjoy the incredible natural resources available around Lake of the Woods.  Get outside and enjoy them.

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