Highway 11 New and Improved

If you haven’t been through Baudette this summer this will be news to you. This summer Highway 11 through town got a major face lift. All potholes are gone, new sidewalks were installed, and utilities were updated. All detours are gone, workers are off the streets, and traffic is back to normal. The construction which lasted around 4 months wrapped up earlier this month. The finishing touches being made to sod and sidewalks is complete. The project which began a couple miles east of Baudette made its way west over the Baudette Bridge and through town to Pitt. The bridge was the biggest obstacle for locals and tourists as the detour took travelers a few miles to the south and then back north past the fairgrounds. Closer of the bridge cut east Baudette off from West Baudette which was probably the biggest inconvenience to travelers. The city of Baudette also used this construction time to update some utilities under the round. The road is paved and smooth as ever without a pothole to be seen. Wide turn lanes make traffic flow easily through town. We are happy to have it done with and for traffic to return to normal. Thank you everyone involved.img_2359 img_2363


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