Hunting Season Safety: The Hunter’s Orange

The deer hunting season is upon us at Lake of the Woods. The Whitetail Deer is abundant in the Lake of the Woods area and many are harvested each year. The 2019 firearm hunting season runs from November 9th-24th.  In addition, bow hunters have been at it for a while and enjoy and extended season which is open until December 31st .  The muzzleloader season runs from November 30th-December 15th.   With the abundance of public land and thousands of deer around the area, it is important that everyone in the field wears hunter’s orange!

The MN DNR does a nice job of listing deer hunting seasons and regulations on the MN DNR website.  Please refer there for specifics.

Hunting season safety precautions should not be taken lightly and should most definitely be followed. Adhering to the standards of safety hunting is of utmost importance and could actually be your ticket to a great and successful hunting experience. Wearing the hunters orange is a safety law in most hunting areas and there are a multitude of reasons why you should never neglect this law.

Wearing the blaze orange or hunter’s orange is for your safety as a hunter and in addition, having clothing that has a bright hue can help rescuers find you easily in case you get lost. During the rifle hunting  season laws require to wear gear that has at least 20 inches of hunters orange in it. The main point of it is to be seen in the woods and fields by others and prevent other hunters mistaking you for a deer or shooting at your direction altogether.

The deer can’t tell!  Deer can’t exactly see things like we humans do. They are only able to see colors with smaller wavelengths like dark green, dark blue and even ultraviolet light! And more importantly, deer may be color blind but they are able to differentiate the environment from humans through shapes so the more blaze orange there is on your clothes, the more noticeable you are likely to become for the deer. The deeper you are in the woods, the harder it is to see you even if you’re wearing a full blaze orange jacket.

Big buck, deer hunt Lake of the Woods

A big Lake of the Woods buck!

All in all, a deer’s eyesight isn’t the same as humans. They are able to see shorter wavelengths down to the ultraviolet light, but not bright red and orange. This is the reason why hunters wear blaze orange for safety purposes when hunting. It appears brown or gray to the deer but is very bright and clear to the human eye. Not only does blaze orange help other hunters distinguish game from humans, but it can also be helpful when being rescued. Safety first is always the motto for a safe hunting season at Lake of the Woods. For information on hunting lands, guides or lodging, see our website at

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