Ice Buster Bobbers

Have you ever met someone who comes up with the best ideas?  Now let me ask you this, have you ever met someone who comes up with great ideas and actually has the ingenuity to act upon them?  Recently on a grouse hunting trip with some friends, I did just that.  I had the chance to hunt with Bruce Mosher, owner of Today’s Tackle and founder of many products but the most famous being the Ice Buster Bobber.

icebusterbobber5_1714_detailToday's Tackle crankbait weight

Chances are, if you have ice fished, you have used or at least have seen an Ice Buster Bobber.  Simple by nature, but like many good ideas, there is an entire evolution of the product from where it started to where it is at now.

I had the chance to chat with Bruce Mosher recently and ask him about the evolution of his Ice Buster Bobber as well as another product called a Crank Weight.  Check it out!

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