Ice Fishing Checklist

Before we can hit the ice, anglers have to go through equipment and make sure it will last the season. Winters can be rough on equipment so making sure everything is in tip top shape at the beginning of the year is key. Sometimes critters will get into ice fishing equipment during the summer storing months and now repairs need to be made. Here is a checklist to make sure your ready for that first ice.

√ Check fish house- Permanent and portables alike need to be checked for holes or broken pieces of wood. Runners and skids need to be examined as well.

√ Heater- Again permanent shacks and sunflower or buddy heaters need to be checked to ensure a quality burn.

√ Auger- The auger must be ran and ensured that it can be counted on to start and drill many holes on cold days on the ice.

√ Fishing Rods- Inspect rods to ensure that they are in good working order and change out fishing line if needed.

√ GPS – Turn GPS on and make sure it works along with holding a charge.

√ Sonar or under water camera- Make sure system works and that batteries are in good working order. If not buy new battery.

√ Ice Gear- Examine clothes and boots. Find gloves and hats.

√ Snowmobile or four-wheeler- Take all necessary precautions to make sure engines are running right and that all other equipment on machine is in proper working condition.

√ Locate tackle- Find your ice fishing jigs and tackle.


Depending on the person there are a lot more to-dos on their list. Here is a good majority of what most anglers will do prior to that first day out on the frozen water.

Up here on Lake of the Woods our most of our resorts offer full service ice fishing. What that is is you wake up in the morning put on some warm clothes, eat breakfast, hop in a bomber or heated trailer to head out to your already warm fish house. After fishing they will pick you up with your fish and bring you back to the resort, and clean your fish while you go have a cocktail. It sure does make it easy.

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