Ice Fishing in Full Swing

Finally!  We have ice and the fish are cooperating.  It is all coming together to make for another great ice fishing season up at Lake of the Woods.  We always recommend working through a resort for safety.  Please stay on their marked trails as this ice has and is being monitored and do not exceed the weight limits the resorts recommend.

On the south end of the lake, anglers are fishing in 16-27′ of water finding a nice mix of walleyes, saugers, and jumbo perch. Resorts have houses out over mud flats, on reefs and over transition areas.

River Bend fish house_122715Ice Fishing pike_Flag Island ResortWheeler's Point Resort_122915_walleye in fish houseIce fishing walleye_Sunset Lodge_122715

Up at the NW Angle, it is much of the same.  Fish houses are out and anglers are reporting nice catches of walleyes, saugers, perch and some pike.  On the Canadian side, guides have already taken some groups up for a mix of walleyes, saugers, perch , pike and crappies.  There is a marked trail from Young’s Bay Resort out to both Flag and Oak Islands for snowmobile and ATV traffic at this point.

The snowmobile trail from Four Mile Bay up 42 miles across the lake to Oak Island in the NW Angle is marked and ready to go.  As always when riding across the lake, exercise safety.  Ride with a partner and keep safety in mind.  It is a good idea to carry a cell phone, GPS marking  your trail, rope and ample cold weather gear.  And one more thing, stay on the trail!  The trail has been marked and checked.  The ice away from the trail has not.

Remember, as you make plans to come up, ice fishing on Lake of the Woods is open later than the lower part of MN.  Permanent fish houses can be left out overnight through March 31st.  Walleye and sauger season goes through April 14th and the pike season is open all year.

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