Ice Guide Receives $10K Tip from YouTubers Airrack

2022 Attempt to Reach the NW Angle

Yep, they came back, bigger and better than ever!  There is no way ice guide Erik Ramsay could have expected this one, a $10k tip!  Erik of Sportsman’s Lodge, was asked to help out some guys who were in town shooting a video (YouTubers Airrack from California) in another attempt to make it up to the NW Angle and stimulate the economy a bit.  Well, in true Airrack style, there were antics, surprises and some gigantuous tips to some unsuspecting area workers.

$10,000 Tip was Life Changing!

Erik Ramsay, 10k tip, Airrack YouTubers“I had no idea it was coming,” explained Ramsay.  “It took me three days to realize it really happened.  They handed me a envelope that was basically a prop check and Venmoed me the 10k right on the spot.  Up until the money hit my account, I didn’t really believe it.  This came at a really good time and really helps a lot.”

Ramsay said he and his wife will use the money to catch up on bills and are taking a small portion to go on a short vacation that has been put off for a long while.    “My wife and I are headed to Moab, Utah to do some four wheeling, something we always wanted to do,” explained Ramsay.  “Yeah, the video kind of made it sound like we might move out there but actually, we are headed out just to vacation.  We are staying here at Lake of the Woods.”

Ramsay commented on the event that still has him in disbelief.  “You always see people winning money.  That day, it was me,” he said with a smile.  “Even without that check, I had more fun than I have had in ten years with these guys.  They are awesome, really good guys.  We still keep in touch and talk every week.”

Igloo Bar Bartender gets $1,000 Tip!

Ramsay wasn’t the only one who was surprised in a good way from the YouTubers.  The first part of the video shows the group riding specially a specially modified dirt bike and ATV with saw blades as wheels.  This is a take off on the pedal bikes with saw blades from the year before.  Wouldn’t you know, they just happened to end up at the Igloo Bar out on the ice in front of Zippel Bay Resort.

Jenny Johnson has been bartending at the Igloo Bar out of the ice for years.  After having some fun with locals in the bar, buying some rounds of drinks, the group presented the bartender with a $1k tip!  This isn’t the kind of thing that happens every day.  “I was really surprised,” explained Johnson.  “I didn’t know much about them.  They were really nice guys and hit it off with everyone really well.  They definitely knew what they were doing when it came to shooting the video and having a good time!”  Jenny Johnson, 1k tip, Igloo Bar

This was the largest tip Johnson had ever received.  “I have had good days in the Igloo when it has been busy all day but never this much and never at one time,” she explained.

This year’s video was another attempt to make it up to the NW Angle.  Although the ice road to the Angle closed earlier this year, they still staged an attempt to make it up across the ice.  They did make it up to the Angle, but not on the ice road.

This Year’s Attempt to Reach the NW Angle… March, 2022

Last Year’s Attempt to Reach the NW Angle

Perhaps you caught the videos from last year.  The YouTubers from California last March made a grave effort to bike up to the Angle despite dangerously deteriorating ice conditions?  Well, as the ice fishing season was basically over, you may have missed it.

While in route, the group received the unfortunate message that the ice had deteriorated enough that nobody is allowed, nor should go out on the ice.  Well, as you can imagine, this didn’t stop these guys.

Did we happen to mention the bike they used to attempt to bike to the Angle was made with saw blades as wheels?  Yep, you cannot make this stuff up.  Did we also mention while attempting to put this bike together that was shipped to Lake of the Woods, a local who follows Airrack saw he was in the area, couldn’t believe it and showed up, only to find himself putting the bikes together and helping to guide the guys throughout the area.

The first video has been seen 7.4 million times.  The second video only 2.2 million times.  Wow!  That is a lot of exposure, but when you watch the videos, you will understand why.  You never know what these guys will do next.

With a preface that we don’t recommend stepping out on deteriorating ice conditions, enjoy Airrack on Lake of the Woods from March, 2021.

Here is video #1 from 2021…

And here is video #2 from 2021…

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