Ice Roads Update and Safety Reminder

The ice is building and roads are being plowed. Fishing has been excellent so far this year. As far as traveling on the lake here is the most recent update we have.

For ice roads Adrian’s Resort is allowing half ton trucks not pulling anything. Cyrus Resort and Morris Point Lodge are allowing smaller rigs to go on to the lake but some mother nature issues have forced them to hold larger vehicles off the ice for the time being.¬†Zippel Bay is allowing half tons to the sand bar. Please call your resort to get an up to the date report before you decide to go out. Sometimes weather can change things up and everyday is different. Remember to stay on the road as they are checked daily.

When following a marked trail on the ice, double flags mean caution ahead, such as a big ice chunk, crack to avoid, etc. On snowmobile trails you might actually see a caution sign. Trails in good condition are marked with single stakes or flags. If you are ever in doubt, feel free to ask.

Your safety is our #1 priority.double-flag-snowmobile row-of-stakes-for-snowmobile-trail

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