Ice Status Lake of the Woods 4/28/15





ice out 2015


ice out 2015 arnesens ice out 2015 ariel


The lake is currently 80% open. Some areas like the NW Angle, Lighthouse Gap, and Zippel Bay are all ice free. We will have an ICE FREE OPENER on May 9th.

The past two years, anglers enjoyed excellent walleye fishing in the Rainy River, 4 Mile Bay, Lighthouse and Morris Point Gaps, Zippel Bay and the edges of the lake depending upon the direction of the wind.  In fact, many anglers fishing in front of the gaps actually anchored up right next to the ice pack and the fishing was wonderful.

The Lighthouse Gap is where the Rainy River enters Lake of the Woods where it cuts through Pine Island on the U.S. side and Sable Island on the Canadian side.  The Morris Point Gap is where Bostic Creek empties into the lake on the west end of 4 Mile Bay with Pine Island on one side and the shoreline on the other.  With some current pushing into the lake, this are great spots for fishing.

If you have the chance to get up on opening weekend of the MN walleye season on May 9th, the fish will be waiting!

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