In Depth Outdoors… Big Post Spawn Pike (May, 2014)

Lake of the Woods is known for trophy pike.  There are not many bodies of water, if any, that hold such a robust population of pike over 40 inches that call the lower 48 their home.  In addition, Lake of the Woods enjoys a pike season that is open year round.

Big pike get most of their attention during the final ice of March.  James Holst, Ben Brettigen and Pat McSharry of In Depth Outdoors wanted to try their luck on these big pike after they spawned out.  Rather than reiterating the story, read it here for yourself.  It is a great read…

There are a number of spring pike haunts to target on this big lake.  On the south end of Lake of the Woods, try 4 Mile Bay or the Bostic Creek area near Morris Point.  This backwater is shallow, has the right spawning habitat with some water moving through it.

Zippel Bay is another spot pike spawn.  Many of the big fish will move out to the lake after spawn, but not all.

And of course, as the article suggests, the area to the west of Arnesen’s Rocky Point.  The Swift Ditch area is a go to for late ice pike anglers and will hold pike after the spawn as well.

If you are fishing up at the NW Angle, bays that warm up quickly and have bait will be a great starting point.

If you have a hankering to change things up this spring and go big, try your like on some trophy pike.

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