In Depth Outdoors Ice Fishing, Airboat Style!

With the peculiar year we have been having with weather, ice has been at a premium thus far.  Thankfully, some resorts are fishing and others are about to fish.  That wasn’t the case about 2 weeks ago.  If your job is to create quality fishing shows, not having good ice across the Midwest makes things challenging.  That is, unless you have the right equipment!

Host of In Depth Outdoors, James Holst teamed up with Dan Schmidt of Sunset Lodge recently and used the resort’s secret weapon, an airboat.  Airboats are typically thought of as being used in the everglades of Florida, but have found useful in parts of the ice belt as well.  Resorts find them useful in rescue situations but also for simply traveling over ice conditions that are not yet safe.  In the case of the show, the airboat navigated over good ice, bad ice and even open water until they found a spot on a back bay to ice fish.

Airboats used on ice have to have reinforced hulls as hard, sharp ice can cause havoc in a hurry.

Air boat, Sunset LodgeAir boat, Sunset Lodge 1

Once fishing, it was game on.  Walleyes, crappies and other fish cooperated for the filming and will certainly make for an entertaining show.

In Depth Outdoors airs Sunday morning at 8am on Fox Sports North or catch it on their YouTube Channel later that morning.

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