Lake Commandos Battle the Mighty Sturgeon

Steve Pennaz catches a lot of fish.  As host of the TV show, Lake Commandos, he travels the around North America in search of an adventure.  The mantra of Lake Commandos is to find fish, trigger strikes and beat the other person in the boat at fishing.  He will actually fish with a guest and through friendly competition, work to outfish them.

Earlier this year, Steve was up to the Rainy River with his long time friend, Mitch Petrie, another well accomplished outdoor communicator.  The two of them were in search of sturgeon and the sturgeon Gods smiled upon them with some massive fish.

This show does a nice job showing how they strategize a spot, what they use for tackle, bait, etc.

Sturgeon season on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods reopens July 1st after being closed for about six weeks.  The river is full of them.  Some resorts do guide for sturgeon otherwise give it a shot on your own.  Resorts and local bait shops have all of the equipment and tackle you will need.

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