Lake Commandos TV Films on the Rainy River

This past week, a friend, Steve Pennaz with the TV show Lake Commandos which airs on the Sportsman’s Channel and a friend of his who does some writing for the Star Tribune and owns Muddy Boot Productions, Mitch Petrie, had the opportunity to go sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River.  Their luck started early as on the trip up from the cities, they actually saw a moose and discussed how this was a good sign.   They were correct.  They proceeded to catch monster sturgeon along with other species of fish as well.  Check out all of the details of this fishing trip to remember in this blog by Mitch Petrie.

You might remember Steve Pennaz, formerly of Knot Wars on the show North American Fisherman.

The Lake Commandos show will air in a few short weeks on the Sportsman’s Channel (  The show airs at 9:30am CST each Saturday.

Sturgeon fishing continues to May 15th and closes for a while during the spawn and opens again July 1st.

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