Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | 1.14.2019

South End

Anglers continue to catch good numbers of walleyes and saugers.  Fish of all sizes.  Most fish coming from 28′ – 31′ with a morning – evening bite in 15-22′ in many shoreline areas.  Jigging one line, deadstick second with a lively minnow.  Gold, glow red, pink and glow colors consistent.  Some anglers using noise and flash to attract and catch.  Plain hook and minnow under bobber consistent.  Electronics very helpful with some larger fish suspended.  Ice gaining inches, resort ice roads open to various size rigs.  Snowmobile trails on lake staked from south shore up to NW angle.


On the Rainy River

Be careful on the river as heavier than normal current.  Some areas good ice, some not good ice.  Work through local resorts for safety.  Morning/evening walleye action.


Up at the NW Angle

Excellent fishing continues.  Nice numbers of walleyes with saugers, perch, pike, tulibees and eelpout mixed in.  Occasional trophy.  Snowmobile trails from south shore across lake to Angle are marked and are open.  Most fish coming from 17-26′.  Crappies being caught on Ontario side on wax worms and minnow heads in 30′.  Work through resorts and stay on staked resort ice trails.

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