Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 2-8-2016

Ice fishing was up and down this past week with the ever changing weather. Most houses were able to catch enough fish for a fish fry. The key is to really work those fish.  Electronics help.  Fishing each fish hard will put more in the bucket.  A tough day for card players using two dead sticks not paying attention.  Some ice roads are letting half-ton pick-ups pulling 20’ houses on the lake. 3/4 ton pick-ups are being let out with portables. Contact your resort for more specific information. Ice averages 15-19”. Fishing in 26-35’. Some houses in 10-19’ producing a few walleyes in the morning. Lots of saugers with a few slot walleyes mixed in. Glow orange and pink continues to be best. Jigging line should have a jig that makes a noise or rattles tipped with a full minnow or just the head.  Plain hook or small jig on dead stick with a live minnow.

The Rainy River is iced over and being fished in spots but mainly by locals who know the ice. Evening bite in 16’ will producing a few fish. Sturgeon and eelpout mixed in with walleye. For safety, work through resorts.  Safety first.  Most anglers fishing the lake.

Up at the NW Angle, fishing is steady. Ice is 20-22” where resorts fish on the Minnesota side with about 8″ of snow and 16” on the Ontario side. Guides are finding different species all over. Finding walleyes on or near reefs around 26’ and saugers in the mud around 32’. Jumbo perch, monster pike, and a few eelpout in the mix. Large crappies are being caught around the 33’ mark with guides on the Ontario side. Resort listings at

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