Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

On the main basin, the report is consistent. Fish are being graphed all day but need some coaxing to bite. Sunday showed improvement for many houses compared to earlier in the week. Downsizing with small spoons or plain hooks working better than bulky presentations. Rattle bait on jigging line pulls fish in and triggers a strike to that line or dead stick line. Overall most anglers able to catch enough fish for a fish fry. A few houses really got them. Ice averages 16-22 inches. Fishing in anywhere from 19-35’ of water. Saugers and tulibees made up the majority of the catch with some walleyes, pike, and perch being caught as well. Ice roads are letting out most trucks but contact your resort for exact information.

The Rainy River is iced over and being fishing by locals who know the ice. The river continues to produce a few fish.  A few sturgeon are being caught along with walleyes, pike, and eelpout. For safety, work through resorts. Safety first. Most anglers fishing the lake.

Up at the NW Angle, fishing has begun to pick up, especially before 9 am and after 4 pm. Fishing in the mud and sand in 22-24 feet. Off of Little Oak fishing on the transition of rock to hard bottom in 27-32 feet and when that isn’t working fishing in 18 feet on the rocks. Gold, pink & white working best. On the Ontario side slush is limiting bomber travel. Resorts finding crappies steady. May be considered the best year yet. Drilling lots of holes will improve your chances, stay mobile. Small jigs tipped with minnow head or tail is working great. Ice fishing through March (depending upon weather), walleyes open to April 14.  Spring open water reports on the Rainy River just around the corner at

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