Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

Fishing remains strong for those bundling up and venturing out.  Great reports continue along the south shore of the lake which will lend itself to some great early ice fishing.  Back bays starting to freeze over with a couple of inches of ice.  With sub zero temps in the forecast, ice will start to be formed on lake.  Resorts and outfitters will be testing ice conditions, making trails, monitoring ice, etc when it is appropriate.  Work through resorts and their ice roads as they are tested, flooded and plowed.  Know where you are going.  As always, safety first.

With the tremendous shiner run this fall into the Rainy River, great walleye fishing continues. River will ice up this week based on temps and boat fishing will be tough.  Like every year, work through resorts when ice fishing river as current and ice thickness will vary.  
Up at the Northwest Angle resorts are ready to rock and waiting for that first ice. Great fall fishing which will bode well for early ice anglers when it is time.  Thin ice has formed across large stretches of the lake between islands and bays.  It won’t be long but again, work through resorts who are constantly routing trails on the best ice, around cracks, etc.  When the time comes, stay on resort trails, do not deviate.  Resorts and ice fishing reservations at
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