Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

The main lake is frozen over and making ice.  Resorts and guides are out checking ice daily. As of now the ice varies quite a bit. If the forecast remains the same, some resorts hoping fish houses will be on the lake later this week.  With sub zero temps in the forecast, ice will grow quickly.  Anywhere from 2-6″ as of Sunday.  Resorts and outfitters will be testing ice conditions, making trails, monitoring ice, etc.  Work through resorts and their ice roads as they are tested, flooded and plowed.  Know where you are going.  As always, safety first.
The Rainy River has iced up.  Like every year, work through resorts when ice fishing river as current and ice thickness will vary.  We don’t encourage travel on the river unless through a resort or outfitter.
Up at the Northwest Angle resorts are checking ice daily.  Reports of 2-6 inches as of Sunday. Getting close, resorts and outfitters will be marking trails when it is the right time. A few more days of sub zero temps will help. Work through resorts who are constantly routing trails on the best ice, around cracks, etc.  When the time comes, stay on resort trails, do not deviate.  We are excited, but safety first!  Resorts and ice fishing reservations at  Check out the Lake of the Woods Tourism Facebook page for day to day reports.
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