Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | 4.22.19

South End

  • While walleye anglers are looking forward to the MN Fishing Opener, May 11th, the target now is pike and sturgeon. 
  • Back bays are becoming ice-free and pike are staging for the spawn. 
  • Some pike in shallows and ditches. 
  • The pike season is open year round. 
  • LOW has a very strong population of trophy class pike over 40″ long. 
  • All pike 30-40″ must be returned with a 3 fish limit and one over 40″. 
  • Parts of the lake have big stretches of open water, spring is here!

 Rainy River

  • Sturgeon fishing remains good despite some spring dirty water. 
  • Sturgeon are bottom feeders and rely more on smell vs sight to feed. 
  • Most using a 3-4 ounce no roll sinker with an 18″ sturgeon rig. 
  • Some using a colored bead before 4/0 – 5/0 circle hook with a gob of crawlers, frozen emerald shiners or both. 
  • Local bait shops have rigs. 
  • Catch and release for sturgeon through April 23rd with the keep season starting April 24th.

NW Angle

  • The angle has a combo of open water and rotten ice. 
  • After an ice fishing season with good numbers of walleyes in the area, resorts getting ready for May 11th opener. 



Sturgeon Season



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