Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 4/6/15

Rainy River fishing is picking up as water temps warm to the lower 40’s. Reports of up to 75 walleyes a day.  For those not catching big numbers, still catching fish.  Vertical jigging up to 2 feet off bottom with pink or chartreuse jigs tipped with frozen shiners. Best bite at 15′.  Trophy sized walleyes in good numbers caught from the airport to Vidas landing. 4 Mile Bay holding good numbers of eater sized fish. Try 19-24 feet. Walleye season through April 14th!With warming water, sturgeon activity continues to increase.  Most anglers using a 3 oz no roll sinker along with an 18″ snell and a 5/0 circle hook loaded with a crawler and frozen shiner(s).  Sturgeon rigs are available at local bait stores.

Currently, the sturgeon season is catch and release only.  The sturgeon harvest season runs from April 24th – May 7th and July 1 – Sept. 30.  The catch and release season runs May 8th – May 15th and Oct. 1 – April 23rd.  This means from May 16 – June 30, no sturgeon fishing.  The rest of the year, you can fish for sturgeon.

Pike season is open all year and very soon, areas such as Zippel Bay and other backwater areas will be hot spots for early pike anglers

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