Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 9/29/2015

Fishing still consistently great and following fall trends. Walleyes have been consistent as the last couple weeks with the movement towards the South Shore and Rainy River. Bait fishing favored pulling spinners and crawler harnesses. Some adding a minnow for aggressive bites. Others are still trolling with red/white small baits or anchoring and jigging with minnows. Best colors hammered gold or pink. Try Knight and Bridges Islands 26-32 feet. Others staying closer to the south end hitting areas of Pine Island or 2-3 miles north of the island, Lighthouse Gap, Graceton Beach, Long Point, and 12 Mile in depths of 22-24 or 28-31.

On the Rainy River, shiners continue their run up river and walleyes following suit. Evening fishing best 17-19 feet jigging with a 1/2 or 3/8 oz jig. Pink, gold, or orange best. Sturgeon active in deep pockets. Anchor up in deep holes using a circle hook and gob of crawlers and maybe a shiner or two. Areas of Vidas to Frontier Landings best but good numbers Timbermill Park towards Birchdale.

Up at the NW Angle, walleyes very strong and shifting towards deeper depths of 29-32 feet. Big or Little Oak Islands in MN as well as Deepwater Bay areas good.  Try points and gaps with moving water. On the Ontario side, crappie action heating up with good numbers coming in 32-36 feet jigging over structure. Muskie fishing still strong with trolling starting to show success.

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