Lake of the Woods Fishing Report | Monday, June 17, 2019

South end

  •  The lake is healthy and full of walleyes. 
  • Anchored up and jigging and drifting or trolling spinners the most productive in depths ranging from 14-32′. 
  • Walleyes on both structure and over mud in the basin from Pine Island to Knight/Bridges to Archie’s Reef and spots in between.
  • Gold, pink, glow and orange good starting points.


Rainy River

  • Most walleye anglers fishing lake. 
  • The river holds a nice population of resident walleyes. 
  • Nice for a change of scenery, smaller boats, blow days, etc. 
  • Walleyes and saugers being caught in normal river areas such as holes, current breaks and sand riffs. 
  • Smallmouth bass relating to rocks, bridges. 
  • Pike in and adjacent to bays and current breaks.  
  • Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season again.


NW Angle

  • Walleye fishing strong on both sides of the border
  • Anglers finding walleyes on flats, rocky points and over mud in 6′-30′. 
  • Jigging and spinners with minnows and crawlers doing well. 
  • Parakeet, pink and white and gold strong colors. 
  • Saugers, pike, perch and bass also in the mix. 
  • Muskies opener produced good numbers of quality fish. 


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