Lake of the Woods Grouse Hunting

One of the great fall activities up at Lake of the Woods is grouse hunting.  Die hard grouse enthusiasts search far and wide for good grouse habitat. Here at Lake of the Woods we have a lot of it and a lot of grouse. As a premier grouse hunting destination we offer an abundance of forest chickens.

There is an area just to the west of Baudette, Beltrami Island State Forest has thousands and  thousands of acres of land, dirt roads, ATV trails and walking trails which is very good grouse habitat. There is so much habitat and such a variety of habitat that grouse have everything they want and need to flourish.  That means success for would be grouse hunters.

There are 3 kinds of grouse in this part of the state. The most famous rugged Grouse, Spruce Grouse, and the sharp-tailed grouse. The Ruffed and spruce grouse have similar habitats and can be seen in the same areas as apposed to the sharp-tailed grouse which prefers agricultural lands.

Grouse on groundSharp-tailed_GrouseSpruce Grouse

                           Ruffed Grouse                                                                                    Sharp-tailed Grouse                                                                    Spruce Grouse


Check out this video from last fall up in the Beltrami Island State Forest. Enjoy!

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