Lake of the Woods on Midwest Outdoors this Weekend

Lake of the Woods will be featured this weekend on Midwest Outdoors TV with a special look into fall jig fishing for walleyes on the Rainy River. Each fall there is a run of emerald shiners up the Rainy River.  The silvery minnows are a favorite bait to walleyes and they follow the shiners up the river.  The fall run leads to some awesome fall fishing on the river and on the south shore of the lake where the river enters the lake.

The show will air this weekend in Chicago and on Midco Sports Network and next weekend on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports WI. Check your local listings or check out the Midwest Outdoors website to learn more.

Greg Jones of Midwest Outdoors and Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism show how to slowly work a jig and shiner catching plump fall walleyes.  Fall is a special time of the year with great fishing on the river.  It is a treat to enjoy the annual migration of birds along the river while pulling in nice walleyes feeding on the shiners.  The annual fall run of walleyes is nearly upon us!

Emerald ShinersJoe Henry, Rainy River Fall walleyes - Copy (424x640)Rainy River, Sportsman's docks in the fallDSC_0012 (640x424) (2)

If you enjoy walleye fishing, mark your calendars to check out some excellent fall fishing.

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