Lake of the Woods Regulations on Fish Species

Border water limits and seasons are sometimes different than the inland waters. If you are lucky enough to be filled out on one fish it’s good to know alternative options to complete your day on the water. There is always the option of catch and release once you have hit your possession limit. Or you could change up tactics and go target a new species of fish for a change of pace. It’s key that in Minnesota your daily and possession limit is the same in most instances.

First and foremost the walleyes and saugers in Lake of the Woods are abundant.  You are allowed to have in your possession 6 fish but no more than 4 of the 6 can be walleyes. 19.5”-28” walleyes must be immediately released. Northern pike season never closes on Lake of the Woods. The daily and possession limit for pike is 3 but only 1 can be over 40”. Pike sized 30”-40” must be immediately released. Perch limits are 20 per day or 40 in possession. Musky season opens June 18 and lasts until Nov 30 and you are allowed one fish over 50”.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are also open year round up at Lake of the Woods, with a possession limit of 6. Lake sturgeon season opens back up July 1 and goes until Sep. 30, anglers are allowed to keep one sturgeon in this period with a tag.  Sturgeon must be between 45 – 50 inches.  Reminder that anglers are allowed one sturgeon per calendar year. Catch and release season opens back up on Oct. 1. Crappie season is open year round with a possession limit of 10.

Lake trout is open May 14 – Sept 30 for the summer season and the possession limit is 2 trout. Stream trout season opened on April 30 and remains open until Sept. 30 as well. The possession limit of stream trout is 5 fish with no more than 3 over 16”.

The next time you are out fishing, things are going well for you and you reach your limit, consider another species, it may be the best decision you have ever made.

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