Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing on Midwest Outdoors TV

Sometimes to make a TV show, it helps if the sun, moon and stars align and everything comes together.  Well, I wouldn’t say everything came together as we didn’t catch any big walleyes for the day we filmed Midwest Outdoors last January, but we sure did get nice numbers of eater walleyes and saugers with a bonus (if you would call it that) eelpout!

Fishing with Greg Jones of Midwest Outdoors and Jace Luoma of Lake of the Woods Tourism, we had a very good day with numbers of fish as you will see.  Jace had the hot deadstick.  Of all things, he started hooking the dead shiners floating in the bucket with a bare hook and sinker just above the hook.  This was about a foot off of the bottom and for whatever reason, the fish loved it.

Ice fishing takes place on Lake of the Woods based on Mother Nature, but it normally happens mid December through March.  To explore resorts, hotels, sleeper fish houses and full service ice fishing around the lake, check out our lodging page at


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