Local Company, Tom’s Tackle, Knows What LOW Walleyes Want!

As ice anglers, we are fortunate to have so many good tackle options available to us.  There are many good companies around, and much like farms, often times many of the small ones get purchased by the large ones.  There is a local tackle company just north of Baudette just off of Hwy 172 that continues to work daily to improve tackle geared towards Lake of the Woods and other north country lakes.  It is Tom’s Tackle.

Check out the video interview with Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism and Dave Wiersma of Tom’s Tackle below.

Tom’s Tackle, Inc is a family owned business that designs and produces their own unique brand of lures and fishing accessories. The original company started in 1959 and has been passed down as a family business throughout the years. Owner operator Dave Wiersma along with his parents Dean and Shirley Wiersma have been producing Tom’s Tackle’s unique line of tackle for the last 15 years.




There is a good chance you may not be familiar with the name, but rest assured, if you have been to Lake of the Woods, you have probably seen or even used their tackle.  They specialize in creating lures and tackle that does an amazing job of catching fish on The Walleye Capital of the World.  Each year, Tom’s Tackle comes out with new lures, tweaks in design and color patterns that work the best in the stained waters of this watershed.

There are a lot of lure that will catch Lake of the Woods walleyes, but just a thought.  When you are coming to the area, keep just a bit of your tackle budget for the lures that are proven to work on LOW.  You can find Tom’s Tackle in most area tackle stores, bait shops and at local resorts.  They also provide online shopping in the event you want to shop ahead of time.  I will say, it is nice to chat with the guides and locals to find out what lures and colors are hot at the time you are up.

This small company has also started manufacturing and selling snow plows.  The brand, Lake of the Woods Brand Snow Plows, go figure.  They are tough plow designed for tough conditions this area can dish out.  They also provide plows for ATV’s in addition to the larger plows.

toms-tackle-lake-of-the-woods-brand-snow-plowstoms-tackle-snow-plowstoms-tackle-snow-plow-on-atv-or-4-wheeler toms-tackle-snow-plow-on-ice

In today’s world, it’s kind of neat watching a small tackle company go to work every day and pull their big trailer down the road, stopping at local resorts and bait shops to keep displays well stocked.  Good folks making an honest living in northern MN by creating quality tackle that catches fish.  Kind of a niche market the way they cater to Lake of the Woods anglers, this family run business is all ready for the ice fishing season that is starting out strong.  The questions is, are you?


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