March, a great time for snowmobiling!

There is still time to take a snowmobiling trip or a fishing trip via snowmobile. Being as far north as we are has its benefits such as thicker ice, more snow, and extended seasons. Right now resorts houses are sitting on 35-60 inches of ice. We have roughly 2 feet of snow in most areas. Our fish houses can be left overnight through March 31st and our walleye season remains open through April 14.

March is a special time in the northland. The brutal cold has usually gone away and sunny warm weather days are on the horizon. This gives anglers a few more opportunities to fish outside for pike to chase flags. Or take sleds to harder to reach areas.

For snowmobilers Lake of the Woods trails get a good amount of traffic in March compared to the rest of the winter. Here is a brief description of the trails around the area.

Did you know Lake of the Woods has over 300 miles of beautifully groomed trails for riders? There are many land trails that trace around the county, as well as some groomed trails at Zippel Bay State Park. The land trails are kept up by the local Drifters Club, a great resource is their website at LOW Drifters Snowmobile Club.

Another great club that takes over the northern part of the lake called the NW Angle is the Edge Riders.  They groom 152 miles of trails over some of the most picturesque landscape the U.S. has to offer.  Bordering Canada, this area is full of islands, full service resorts and great food and drink.

The Lake, once frozen, will be staked and groomed. These trails run from the Rainy River, to the NW Angle, across to Warroad, and back across the South Shore towards the Rainy River. There is a warming house on Garden Island for those that like to stop, reboot, and enjoy some scenery. The trail also runs right by the Igloo Bar outside Zippel Bay. It is a great way to also get along the Rainy River or other areas of the lake to hit the secret fishing hole in out of the way spots along the trail.

The trail from the south end of the lake up to the NW Angle runs entirely in MN and is over 40 miles long all on the lake.  Once up to the NW Angle, there are resorts, gasoline and other services to make your trip enjoyable.

There is always much to see when you ride Lake of the Woods. Whether you prefer open lakes, wooded pathways, or side roads there is a trail for you here! To learn more, check out our SNOWMOBILING page now! You can also stop in and see us in Baudette and pick up some maps.

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