Minnesota’s last one-room schoolhouse counts on its longtime teacher


The Star Tribune wrote an article this week, with video, on Minnesota’s last one room schoolhouse, located at our very own NW Angle. The Angle Inlet School is a piece of history hosting school age kids grades kindergarten through 6th. Linda LaMie has been the teacher at Angle school for almost three decades. As you go through this story, you will see the passion and commitment that LaMie holds for these kids and school each and every day.

Many children who attend the school live on islands or in areas without roads, so they must travel to Angle Inlet School each day by boat or snowmobile, depending on the season. These students go on to attend middle and high school in Warroad, which is an hour and a half bus ride, and two border crossings, each way. The enrollment size throughout the years has ranged from 5-16 students.


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