MN Fishing Opener… Lake of the Woods Video Preview

The MN Fishing Opener, for many, is like a holiday that anglers have been looking forward to for months.  Across MN, anglers will hit the water starting at 12:01 am on Saturday.  The main target for many is the state fish, the walleye.  Others will target pike as well.

Up at Lake of the Woods, the pike season never closes, thus anglers have been fishing for these predators for some weeks now since the ice has gone off of back bays.

The main quarry for most this weekend is the fish this area is famous for, the walleye.  Most will be using a jig and minnow in this cold water.  Some, however, will be trying out crankbaits and snelled spinners with live bait.

The fishing forecast is positive.  With a healthy population of walleyes and saugers, anglers should experience great success.  Between the Rainy River, Big Traverse Bay and the NW Angle, expectations are high.

Check out the latest video from the shores of the Rainy River previewing the fishing opener.  There are even some hot tips on jig colors and how to hook a minnow for higher hook ups.

Whether you brinng your own boat or jump in with a guide, there are still rooms, cabins and charters available for this weekend.  An entire list at

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