Multitude of Seasons

Lake of the Woods is an awesome place to live or to live out your sense of adventure as the seasons come and go. Summer seems to have escaped and in its place fall has emerged. This land has all the enhancements of the beautiful greens of spring, the long days of summer, the colors of beautiful fall leaves and foliage and of course, winter comes and blankets the land with the purity of the white snow and ice.

Speaking of seasons, the waters of Lake of the Woods host many species of fish that have different patterns for the different seasons. Currently, shiners – the minnow family, are abundant and move rapidly from the big lake into the bays and the Rainy River. When they go “up river” the walleyes chase after them for their abundant feed. This makes for a fall season of great walleye fishing on the Rainy River itself.

Besides fishing, this land is known for other seasons as well. Right now it’s grouse or partridge season. These small birds are found in ditches and near gravel roads and are fast, fast, fast. Hunters walk the woods and seek these birds for a great experience in marksmanship. Goose season is huge here as well as duck season. Many resorts cater to these hunters during these seasons as well. Next is the “orange” season. This season arrives in November and is known as the white tail deer season. Even if you don’t hunt, orange is the “in” color to wear this month as we celebrate the hunt together. Many families here have deer camps that host many numbers of members as they live together, hunt together, and enjoy the great outdoors. Another season finds avid sportsmen hunting bear and others in the area are still trappers at heart as they trap musketrat, beavers, fox, etc.  Just pick a season and spend it at Lake of the Woods, Baudette, MN, the Walleye Capital of the World!!


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